Thomas M. Coffman, MD

Professor of Medicine
Professor in Cell Biology
Professor in Immunology
Chief, Division of Nephrology
Department / Division:
Medicine / Medicine-Nephrology
DUMC 103015
Durham, NC 27710
Appointment Telephone:
Office Telephone:
  • MD, Ohio State University College of Medicine, 1980
  • Medicine, Duke University Medical Center, 1980-1983
  • Nephrology, Duke University Medical Center, 1983-1985
Clinical Interests:
Renal transplantation, hypertension
Representative Publications:
  • Facemire, CS; Griffiths, R; Audoly, LP; Koller, BH; Coffman, TM. The impact of microsomal prostaglandin e synthase 1 on blood pressure is determined by genetic background. Hypertension. 2010;55:531-538.  Abstract
  • Gurley, SB; Mach, CL; Stegbauer, J; Yang, J; Snow, KP; Hu, A; Meyer, TW; Coffman, TM. Influence of genetic background on albuminuria and kidney injury in Ins2(+/C96Y) (Akita) mice. American Journal of Physiology: Renal Physiology. 2010;298:F788-F795.  Abstract
  • Benigni, A; Corna, D; Zoja, C; Sonzogni, A; Latini, R; Salio, M; Conti, S; Rottoli, D; Longaretti, L; Cassis, P; Morigi, M; Coffman, TM; Remuzzi, G. Disruption of the Ang II type 1 receptor promotes longevity in mice. Journal of Clinical Investigation. 2009;119:524-530.  Abstract
  • Crowley, SD; Vasievich, MP; Ruiz, P; Gould, SK; Parsons, KK; Pazmino, AK; Facemire, C; Chen, BJ; Kim, HS; Tran, TT; Pisetsky, DS; Barisoni, L; Prieto-Carrasquero, MC; Jeansson, M; Foster, MH; Coffman, TM. Glomerular type 1 angiotensin receptors augment kidney injury and inflammation in murine autoimmune nephritis. Journal of Clinical Investigation. 2009;119:943-953.  Abstract
  • Facemire, CS; Nixon, AB; Griffiths, R; Hurwitz, H; Coffman, TM. Vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 2 controls blood pressure by regulating nitric oxide synthase expression. Hypertension. 2009;54:652-658.  Abstract
  • Coffman, TM; Crowley, SD. Kidney in hypertension: guyton redux. Hypertension. 2008;51:811-816.  Abstract
  • Gurley, SB; Coffman, TM. The renin-angiotensin system and diabetic nephropathy. Seminars in Nephrology. 2007;27:144-152.  Abstract
  • Coffman, TM. A WNK in the kidney controls blood pressure. Nature Genetics. 2006;38:1105-1106.  Abstract
  • Crowley, SD; Gurley, SB; Herrera, MJ; Ruiz, P; Griffiths, R; Kumar, AP; Kim, HS; Smithies, O; Le, TH; Coffman, TM. Angiotensin II causes hypertension and cardiac hypertrophy through its receptors in the kidney. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of USA. 2006;103:17985-17990.  Abstract
  • Gurley, SB; Allred, A; Le, TH; Griffiths, R; Mao, L; Philip, N; Haystead, TA; Donoghue, M; Breitbart, RE; Acton, SL; Rockman, HA; Coffman, TM. Altered blood pressure responses and normal cardiac phenotype in ACE2-null mice. Journal of Clinical Investigation. 2006;116:2218-2225.  Abstract
  • Crowley, SD; Gurley, SB; Oliverio, MI; Pazmino, AK; Griffiths, R; Flannery, PJ; Spurney, RF; Kim, HS; Smithies, O; Le, TH; Coffman, TM. Distinct roles for the kidney and systemic tissues in blood pressure regulation by the renin-angiotensin system. Journal of Clinical Investigation. 2005;115:1092-1099.  Abstract
  • Francois, H; Athirakul, K; Howell, D; Dash, R; Mao, L; Kim, HS; Rockman, HA; Fitzgerald, GA; Koller, BH; Coffman, TM. Prostacyclin protects against elevated blood pressure and cardiac fibrosis. Cell Metabolism. 2005;2:201-207.  Abstract
  • Goulet, JL; Pace, AJ; Key, ML; Byrum, RS; Nguyen, M; Tilley, SL; Morham, SG; Langenbach, R; Stock, JL; McNeish, JD; Smithies, O; Coffman, TM; Koller, BH. E-prostanoid-3 receptors mediate the proinflammatory actions of prostaglandin E2 in acute cutaneous inflammation. Journal of Immunology. 2004;173:1321-1326.  Abstract
  • Rocha, PN; Plumb, TJ; Coffman, TM. Eicosanoids: lipid mediators of inflammation in transplantation. Springer Seminars in Immunopathology. 2003;25:215-227.  Abstract
  • Tharaux, PL; Bukoski, RC; Rocha, PN; Crowley, SD; Ruiz, P; Nataraj, C; Howell, DN; Kaibuchi, K; Spurney, RF; Coffman, TM. Rho kinase promotes alloimmune responses by regulating the proliferation and structure of T cells. Journal of Immunology. 2003;171:96-105.  Abstract
  • Thomas, DW; Rocha, PN; Nataraj, C; Robinson, LA; Spurney, RF; Koller, BH; Coffman, TM. Proinflammatory actions of thromboxane receptors to enhance cellular immune responses. Journal of Immunology. 2003;171:6389-6395.  Abstract
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